Mutants from Pollutants

I was born on the Isle of Wight and Nicola near Bridport in Dorset. We both have a lifelong passion for the marine environment and Metamorfishes is a major contribution to raising awareness of the immense damage which we are causing to our oceans and waterways.

Nicola has already written Bizzy the Blenny and Jolly the Oystercatcher to support the work of  Dorset Wildlife Trust. Details of these children's books may be found under the ‘Environmental’ button on this website.

I've spent all of my professional life in schools, sixth form colleges and at Huddersfield University.  Education is the most significant way of effecting profound change, not by indoctrination but by giving young people information, ideas and contexts to be able to reach conclusions which they are happy to live by.

The research undertaken for The Butterfly Magician and Leafcutter took us into contact with a wide range of environmentalists and took them from a state of being concerned about the world to feeling horrified. It was at this point that we made a commitment to write this book.

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