Mutants from Pollutants

We have been advised by  Eco-Schools  that using 'Metamorfishes' in lessons will help schools to cover Step Four in the process of becoming an Eco-School and achieving their Green Flag Award: Making links between the school's environmental activity and the curriculum.

Nicola’s work would provide a stimulus for art; John’s poems could be incorporated into English; and the scientific facts could be incorporated into Biology or Chemistry.



Metamorfishes is a set of strikingly original illustrations by Nicola Dennis which draw attention to the many ways in which we abuse our rivers, seas and oceans. My writings are companion pieces which add a gentle satirical humour to provide the reader with accompanying verbal images. The key points are then driven home with factual information and advice on how we can all work towards improving our marine environment.

The aims of Metamorfishes are to raise awareness of the damage being caused to the marine environment and to be a stimulus to effective action. The book has already received a Wessex Watermark Award for copies to be placed in all secondary schools within the Wessex Water authority region and is particularly relevant to the new ‘Marine’ theme adopted by EcoSchools.


Metamorfishes has also been endorsed by The Marine Conservation Society and

Project AWARE


We both feel honoured that our work has been recognised with a Wessex Watermark Award and that another charity (which prefers to remain anonymous) has made a further contribution to the production cost of this book, thus allowing us to place free copies in every secondary school in the Wessex Water region.

We are currently seeking similar sponsorship from other organisations (or, indeed, individuals) to enable us to distribute the book more widely. If you would like to make a contribution, you could:

  1.  Contact us by email to discuss matters further.

  2.  Invite us to make a presentation to your organisation prior to sponsorship.

  3.  Arrange to promote your business in the next print run.

We undertake to spend all of this money on the costs of book production and distribution and would be happy to provide appropriate accounts if desired.

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Dreamestories is the collective name for all written work by Dr. John Eames               Copyright applies to all text and images.

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