The Butterfly Magician


The Butterfly Magician

The Story

The Butterfly Magician is a sequel to The Magic Makers and puts a new Magician, Adonis, centre stage. On the forest’s floor his cloak gathers falling autumn leaves while he, assisted by the wild Anemone, brews a concoction of dyes into which he throws all of the dead leaves. These are hung on the undergrowth to dry before being sewn together and taking life as butterflies!

In all their glory, the butterflies take their places in a dazzling parade which leads them to the Butterfly Ball, after which night falls and the butterflies awake to a new dawn and are released by Adonis to give joy to the world.

I wrote this poem for all of us who love butterflies, and am thrilled by Nicola's beautiful illustrations. It has been meticulously researched so that words and images are true both to the appearance and the lives of these dazzling creatures.

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